Use the power of information to grow your business with local authorities.
Whether you already do business with local authorities & want to be better at it, or you want to start trading & need support, KLAROS can help with invaluable insight for your company’s success.
KLAROS information benefits organisations that supply local authorities with goods and services.
KLAROS filters a billion pieces of Government and local authority published spending data to provide you with insight so you can make more informed decisions about growing your business.


We deliver information reports enriched by our understanding of both commerce & Public Bodies.
We are much more than number crunchers – all our communications to you are concise, clear, accurate, & professional. We publish information for you as soon as it is available & respond to your queries speedily & accurately. We develop our systems & technology continually by listening to you and understanding your changing needs.


Straight to the point data

KLAROS gives you data tables and charts with facts rather than generalisations.


Rely on the data

We collect the data, check it, aggregate it, and check it again, so you can trust KLAROS reports.


Depend on the information

We inform you and your colleagues about trends & market movements on which you can rely.


We do the hard yards

KLAROS interrogate and compare millions of lines of data every day, producing information to allow you to focus on your responses & activity.


Unveiling opportunities

We sort and filter complex Local Authority spending data to allow you to focus on where to defend, attack and explore.


A wealth of new opportunities

We create information for you, enabling you to confidently select where to invest your resources.

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